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From Disrupted Curriculum to Language Proficiency with REPORTEROS


In this case study, we delve into how Tatiana Alarcón effectively utilized the REPORTEROS book series to address the challenges posed by the post-pandemic situation and varying proficiency levels. 

Instructor Profile

Tatiana Alarcón is an experienced World Language (Spanish) Teacher. With 15 years of teaching Spanish at the K-12 and college levels, Tatiana brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Her passion lies in fostering a love for the Spanish language and culture among her students, empowering them to succeed in language learning through interactive and communicative teaching methods. 

Tatiana has been using REPORTEROS for two years.

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Institution Profile

Salem Academy, an all-girls boarding and day school for grades 9-12, is situated in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, within the Forsyth County school district. It shares its campus with Salem College, located near historic Old Salem.

Salem Academy offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum and individualized support to its students, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and character to excel in their future endeavors.

The Challenge

Teaching Spanish language classes during the COVID-19 pandemic presented several challenges for Tatiana:

  • Disruptions in the curriculum: The disruptions caused by the transition to online classes resulted in a lack of continuity in the curriculum, making it difficult for students to maintain consistent progress in their language learning.
  • Varying proficiency levels: Like many teachers, Tatiana faced the challenge of mixed proficiency levels within her classroom. Some students had a strong foundation in the language, while others were just beginning their language learning journey. This required tailored instruction to ensure that all students could effectively learn and make progress.

In seeking a solution to overcome these challenges, Tatiana recognized the need for a comprehensive approach and aimed to find a valuable resource that would address the gaps in student understanding and provide a structured framework for her Spanish language classes.

"Due to the pandemic and online classes, there was no continuity in the curriculum, and the student’s proficiency suffered deeply. There were different levels of proficiency mixed in each class. REPORTEROS was the best ally to level them up and bring them up to speed."


The Solution

Tatiana found a solution through the implementation of REPORTEROS. This resource offers a communicative framework that integrates grammar concepts and vocabulary through various engaging texts, videos, and audios. This approach proved highly effective in Tatiana’s classroom, promoting active participation, improving listening comprehension, and fostering a holistic language learning experience for her students. 

REPORTEROS not only facilitated language acquisition but also addressed concerns in class preparation. The abundance of activities and differentiated instruction resources provided a seamless flow to the class, allowing flexibility to meet different learning needs and eliminating the need for overthinking different scenarios. 

“There is no need to think over the “what if’s.” What if students finish early? What if the students don’t connect with the topic? What if there’s an extra explanation needed? Many activities in [REPORTEROS] help in any of these cases and help the class flow, and students can have a palpable sense of moving forward with their skills.”

For Tatiana’s Level 2 and 3 classes, REPORTEROS 2 played this crucial role in improving language proficiency and bridging the gaps caused by COVID-19 curriculum disruptions. As a result, students gained confidence in their skills and maintained motivation throughout the academic year. The success of both classes was evident in the 100% pass rate. Furthermore, 89% of students achieved A’s and B’s.

Additionally, through REPORTEROS, Tatiana’s students are able to engage with content that resonates with their own reality:

“When students open their books, they look at familiar faces, kids their age: with the same fashion sense, talking about and using social media. Although they may have come from different cultures, they face similar emotional difficulties and a social need for belonging.”

Anecdotes shared by students also highlight the impact of REPORTEROS’s fresh take on authentic content and updated learning methodologies

‘I didn’t know that pronunciation varies from country to country; it’s like in America, people from the north and the south,’. 

‘I love this book because it has audio transcripts. I read it once, and it trained my ear, and I could understand it much better.’ 

‘I thought homework was going to be long and difficult, but I went back and checked the models they have, and it made more sense. It didn’t take that long’.”

Tatiana’s Spanish 3 class concluded the year with increased self-confidence and a strong foundation for further language learning. Her Spanish 1 and 2 classes also showed promising progress.

“All of them have hopes of visiting a Spanish-speaking country in the future, communicating with the people, and learning from the culture. They want to visit every place the book shows and do every activity each country has to offer. They are not afraid to make mistakes. They are ready to learn from them.”

"I’ve been very pleased with the content and the teaching approach the book has to offer. I’m confident that the book and Klett World Languages are bringing a fresh and modern approach to language learning."

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