All Higher Education Programs

All Higher Education Programs

At Klett World Languages, we believe in diverse and inclusive language programs that foster meaningful communication. It's our mission to bring individuals together and to give all students the opportunity to communicate effectively and connect with others. We work hard to create materials that follow the ACTFL Guidelines for Proficiency, include Can-Do statements, and incorporate the 5 Cs. Our digital resources focus on original and authentic content via a simple, user-friendly platform.

Our bestselling titles


For introductory and intermediate courses

PROYECTOS is a program aimed at North American college students learning Spanish at the introductory and intermediate levels. Its innovative design follows a project-based, content-focused approach. Its main goal is to stimulate students to build knowledge through explorative and expansive learning. 

Aula en acción

For introductory and intermediate courses

AULA EN ACCIÓN is our introductory proficiency-oriented program. This is a modern, effective, and comprehensive task-based program designed to bring the most advanced communicative approach to the classroom. AULA EN ACCIÓN is perfectly aligned with ACTFL instructional approaches.

Other titles

If your institution is using one of these titles, you may purchase them on the following pages.

Aula internacional plus


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Nos vemos hoy

Bitácora Nueva edición

Spanish for the professions

The following series are specifically designed for Spanish for business courses.

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