All Higher Education Programs

All Higher Education Programs

At Klett World Languages, we believe in language programs that are diverse, inclusive and foster meaningful communication. It is our mission to bring individuals together, and to give all students the opportunity to communicate effectively and be connected with others. We work hard to create materials that follow the ACTFL Guidelines for Proficiency, include Can-Do statements, and incorporate the 5 C’s. Our digital resources focus on original and authentic content via a simple, user-friendly platform.

Our bestselling titles

Impuls Deutsch

IMPULS DEUTSCH is a modern and sophisticated textbook series for beginning and intermediate college German courses that students will be eager to use and that teachers will find easy and enjoyable to implement in their classrooms. 

Netzwerk neu

NETZWERK NEU, retains a tried-and-true methodology, while incorporating modern content. With reworked clarity and numerous innovations in content and digital materials, learners and instructors will quickly orient themselves on the pathway to intermediate proficiency.

Other Higher Education titles

If your institution is using one of these legacy titles, you may purchase them on the following pages.

Die neue Linie 1

DaF kompakt neu

German for the professions

The following series have been designed specifically for vocational German language courses.

Aspekte Beruf

DaF im Unternehmen

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Contact our German team for more information about which program is the best choice for you and your students.

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