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Rostering, Integrations, & Data Protection

Rostering and Integrations

Our platform offers seamless integration options to enhance your experience, saving educators and students valuable time and effort:

  • Popular Platforms: Effortlessly share and manage content on Canvas, Schoology, D2L, Moodle, and Google Classroom.
  • Single Sign-On and Rostering: Integrate with ClassLink and Clever for SSO and utilize OneRoster for efficient student data management.

Rest easy knowing that our platform ensures secure and automated rostering, real-time data updates, and granular data control permissions. We adhere to edtech best practices following standards such as the 1EdTech Consortium Standards.

Rostering, Integrations, and SSO Guides

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Learning Managing System (LMS) Integration Guides

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LTI Guide (general)

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SSO Guides

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Data Protection

We encrypt our data using AES-256 and TLS protocols to secure data in transit, ensuring it’s encrypted as it moves across networks. Data at rest is encrypted using AES-256 algorithms through storage-level or disk encryption mechanisms provided by the cloud service. For data in use, we implement encryption solutions such as in-memory encryption and encrypted processing techniques. Access to encryption keys is tightly controlled with a Key Management Service, allowing only authorized operations while maintaining a comprehensive encryption posture across all data states

  • All machines behind AWS VPC
  • AWS – S3, signed URLs
  • Amazon security standards
  • Amazon Security groups for servers
  • Servers behind AWS firewalls
  • SSL for secure transactions
  • Application runs on minimum database privileges

Content encryption using AES-256

Application Security

  • PEN Testing to avoid OWASP vulnerabilities
  • OSS Security

Standard Compliance & Data Security

  • The KWL Hub is COPPA Compliant
  • FERPA and GDPR are followed.

User Support

Our dedicated tech support and customer service teams are here to assist you. We are committed to ensuring you have the best experience with our resources and tools. Let us help you navigate The KWL Hub and answer your questions

The KWL Hub Blog & Chatbot

The KWL Hub: Updates and News is a blog dedicated to explaining the platform’s new features and updates. Stay informed about the latest enhancements, tools, and resources designed to support language educators.

Our chatbot is a virtual assistant on The KWL Hub, programmed with Artificial Intelligence to answer questions. It is designed to be a valuable ally for teachers using The KWL Hub. When logged into The KWL Hub, simply click on the speech bubble icon to start using it.

Immersive cultural and language learning through reading

Delivering the best graded readers is the result of combining students’ proficiency levels with age-appropriate topics of interest and thoughtfully-curated additional resources to help them learn: glossaries, audio books, audio tracks, supplementary activities, and more! Discover all the possibilities that our digital and print readers have to offer.