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At Klett World Languages, we are driven to change world language education in the U.S. for the better, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we’re partnering with schools and districts to make it a reality.

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Mississippi State Board of Education Endorses Klett World Languages Programs for Spanish, French, German, and Italian

[Chicago, Illinois] – February 19, 2024 – Klett World Languages, a leading provider of language education materials, is pleased to announce the adoption of several of its world language programs by the Mississippi State Board of Education. After a comprehensive vetting and review process, the state education board has officially adopted Reporteros 1-4 for Spanish and Mapas 4 for AP Spanish, Reporters Francophones 1-3 for French, Portfolio Deutsch Neu 1, 2, and 3/4 for German, and Davvero 1-2 for Italian for use in middle and high schools across the state.

Developed with a focus on authentic communicative competence and global citizenship, Klett World Languages programs empower educators to motivate and inspire students while fostering language proficiency and cultural understanding. The adoption by the Mississippi State Board of Education underscores the effectiveness and quality of these materials in supporting language education initiatives.

“We are thrilled to receive the adoption of our world language programs by the Mississippi State Board of Education,” said Dr. Kathryn Miner, Director of Strategic Opportunities at Klett World Languages. “This recognition validates our commitment to empowering educators with high-quality resources to enhance student learning outcomes.”

Maggie Connell, Adoptions Manager at Klett World Languages, added, “The adoption of our programs in Mississippi reflects the dedication of educators to providing comprehensive and engaging language instruction. We are honored to have the opportunity of partnering with schools across the state to support their world language education goals and prepare students for success in a global society.”

Klett World Languages offers a diverse range of materials designed to meet the needs of educators and students, including textbooks, readers, supplementary materials, digital resources, and professional development opportunities. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement, Klett World Languages is committed to advancing language education and fostering a love of learning among students.

For more information about Klett World Languages and its Mississippi-approved programs, visit www.klettwl.com/mississippi.

About Klett World Languages

Klett World Languages is the Chicago-based arm of the Klett Group, one of the leading educational institutions in the world. Since its foundation in 1897, the Klett Group has achieved strong economic success and innovation in the areas of education and culture. The company produces tailor-made educational media for students and adults, as well as course books for learners of all ages in the United States and Europe.

Their product portfolio includes high-quality educational products for Spanish, German, French and Italian – from textbooks to a broad range of readers, grammar and vocabulary products, exam preparation materials, and digital offerings


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