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What is allango?

Allango, which is derived from the English term “all languages,” is a new online platform developed by Ernst Klett Sprachen. Its main purpose is to enhance the teaching and learning of languages.

With allango, users have direct access to a wide range of audio, video, and other digital materials. This platform enables learners to explore and take advantage of the numerous possibilities it provides for language acquisition and improvement.

Why allango?

Is it the same as Klett Augmented?

What is Language Advocacy?

In an educational environment where language programs often face the threat of budget cuts and diminished resources, language advocacy emerges as a critical force for change. Language advocacy is the concerted effort to champion language-related issues and raise awareness of their profound benefits within this challenging landscape. It serves as a catalyst for preserving and prioritizing language learning initiatives, ensuring that they receive the attention and resources they urgently require.

Why does it matter?


Advocating for Languages: Join Us!

As an active member of the Joint National Committee for Languages, we passionately advocate for the importance of languages. Visit our booth at state, regional, and national conferences, where we proudly display our membership badges. Additionally, we participate in events like Language Advocacy Days, where we actively advocate for world language education. Our commitment is to advance language education in the United States!

Round tables & virtual panels

Explore our curated selection of recorded round tables and virtual panels that showcase advocacy in language education, as we strive to empower educators and drive transformative change.

Advocacy from the Classroom: Strategies to Help our Language Programs Grow
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Virtual Panel on Sustainable Development in World Languages
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Round table on the Future of Word Languages in the USA
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