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About the conference

The 2023 Honing Our Craft conference is an event designed to unite educators of all levels to dissect, discuss, and dive into the latest trends in world language teaching and learning.

In 2023, our focus was on the theme of “Building the Future of World Languages.” This is was an opportunity for educators to contribute actively by sharing their best practices, innovative approaches, and unique insights. 

Our Keynote Speakers

LJ Randolph

UW–Madison, ACTFL President Elect

He discussed the future of world languages from the perspective of social justice.

Natalia Valencia

Loyola University

She engaged us in a conversation about the visions for the present while discussing the future of world languages.

Joshua Cabral

Brookwood School

He talked about designing future-ready World Language curriculum and programs.

Heidi Lechner

Libertyville High School

She centered her discussion on the significance of establishing an authentic world language classroom.

Our Roundtable: Visions for the Future

Join us for an insightful roundtable discussion where experts, educators, and enthusiasts come together to explore the future of world languages and effective strategies for promoting language programs in the U.S. Be part of this engaging conversation that promises to spark innovative ideas and perspectives, shaping the future of language education.

Roundtable led by Kia D. London

Our Sessions

M. Marina Melita

She conducted a session on diversity in Language Studies, contributing to the conference's theme of building the future of world languages.

Diego Ojeda

He facilitated an engaging session centered around an in-depth exploration of the future profile of world language students.

Lisa M. Merschel & Melissa Simmermeyer

They conducted a session that explores the integration of backward design and its implications for world languages.

Kim Potowski

She conducted a session centered around heritage learners, addressing strategies to help them shape their future within the field of world languages.

Sergio Troitiño

He conducted a hands-on session focused on ChatGPT and its application to world languages.

Sandra Valnes Quammen

She led a session on the importance of critical content-based instruction and sustainability in world language courses.