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We at Klett World Languages value heritage, culture, and community. Our series REPORTEROS upholds these values by inspiring students to be at the very center of language learning as doers and creators.

We’re looking for an educator of K-12 Spanish to step into the role of a Reportero/a/e and show us the empowering process of exploring a community and experiencing culture firsthand.

We are offering a 6 day trip to Costa Rica to the educator who shows us what it is to be a true Reportero/a/e!

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Stage 1

We have assembled a KWL committee of experts 🙂 to review your video.

Stage 2

Final contestants will be posted on our social media 📱. Make sure you follow us to see if you advanced to the next stage.

Stage 3

Our followers will get a chance to use their voice to vote 🗳 for their favorite videos amongst our finalists! Have your fellow educators follow us to vote for their favorite video! 📣

Stage 4

We announce our KWL Reportero/a/e at our Klett World Languages Inaugural Conference in Chicago, October 1st and 2nd. 🙌🏽