DAI! is an Italian as a second language course aimed at young people and adults, based on action-oriented learning.

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69.95 USD
Dai! 1: 12-Month My Italian Hub for Students

ISBN: 9788419273315

Level: Beginner

47.45 USD 49.95 USD
Dai! 1: 12-Month My Italian Hub for Teachers

ISBN: NP1270P16680

Level: Beginner

47.45 USD 49.95 USD
Dai! 1: Textbook

ISBN: 9788419273314

59.95 USD
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About DAI!

DAI! is an Italian course focused on a task-based approach. In DAI!, the student is the protagonist of their own learning, and the classroom becomes a place for real communicative experiences through activities that promote production and interaction. The themes, activities, and games are inclusive and foster the development of intercultural skills.

Why DAI!?

  1. All components in a single volume: Student book, exercises, and a wide range of additional resources available for free.
  2. A consistent progression that allows for a simple and natural transition to production.
  3. Motivating, varied, and realistic communicative situations.
  4. Content that stimulates cultural and intercultural reflection.
  5. Authentic written and oral texts addressing current topics inclusively.
  6. Authentic videos integrated into the teaching unit as cultural and linguistic input.
  7. Fun activities that promote interaction, production, and enjoyment.
  8. A wide range of exercises and videos to introduce and systematize vocabulary and grammar.

DAI! components

Textbook + workbook

Annotated Teacher's Edition

Bundle Edition

Digital Edition

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