Grammatica di base dell’italiano

Grammatica di base dell’italiano

Effective communication does not require perfect grammar, but learning about how a language works can greatly improve your communication and proficiency. Our grammar books offer expertly-written practice exercises and clear grammar explanations to facilitate and accelerate language learning. They are ideal for independent study or teacher-led courses at all levels.

Grammatica di base dell'italiano

ISBN: 9788416057962

Level: Novice High to Advanced Low

29.95 USD

A Comprehensive Review of Italian Grammar

GRAMMATICA DI BASE DELL'ITALIANO (GBI) is a grammar guide for students learning Italian at elementary and intermediate levels (Novice High to Advanced Low) who are looking for clear, practical descriptions of how the Italian language works


  • The GRAMMATICA DI BASE DELL'ITALIANO (GBI), a reliable and prestigious grammar guide, offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use review of Italian Grammar.
  • The GBI is aimed at students learning Novice High to Advanced Low levels who seek clear, practical descriptions of how the Italian language works.
  • It explains the Italian grammatical system while emphasizing meaning and real-life use of the language.
  • The GBI offers clear, practical explanations given in authentic contexts
  • The GBI implements simple explanations followed by comprehension and production-based exercises so students can practice the structures.
  • It uses clear design features to support and enhance the understanding of grammatical meaning. In addition, the GBI contains more than 450 illustrated examples and hundreds of grammar tables.
  • The GBI includes more than 350 activities.

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