Gramática básica del estudiante de español

Gramática básica del estudiante de español

GRAMÁTICA BÁSICA is considered the most reliable Spanish grammar reference book by a majority of Spanish teachers. This world-famous resource has now been completely adapted to the American and Canadian markets. GRAMÁTICA BÁSICA DEL ESTUDIANTE DE ESPAÑOL: A COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW OF SPANISH GRAMMAR focuses on meaning and real-life use, with special attention to North American sensibility.

A Comprehensive Review of Spanish Grammar

GRAMÁTICA BÁSICA DEL ESTUDIANTE DE ESPAÑOL (GBE)  is a grammar guide for students learning Spanish at elementary and intermediate levels (Novice High to Advanced Low) who are looking for clear, practical descriptions of how the Spanish language works.

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  • The GRAMÁTICA BÁSICA DEL ESTUDIANTE DEL ESPAÑOL (GBE), a reliable and prestigious grammar guide, offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use review of Spanish Grammar with the linguistic diversity of Spanish always in mind.
  • The GBE is aimed at students learning Novice High to Advanced Low levels who seek clear, practical descriptions of how the Spanish language works.
  • It explains the Spanish grammatical system while emphasizing meaning and real-life use of the language.
  • The GBE offers clear, practical explanations given in authentic contexts.
  • The GBE implements simple explanations followed by both comprehension and production-based exercises so that students can practice the structures.
  • It uses clear design features to support and enhance the understanding of grammatical meaning. In addition, the GBE contains more than 250 illustrated examples and hundreds of grammar tables.
  • The explanations and more than 400 activities are based on pan-Hispanic Spanish shared by most speakers.

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Rosario Alonso Raya

Universidad de Granada

Alejandro Castañeda Castro

Universidad de Granada

Pablo Martínez Gila

Instituto Cervantes

Lourdes Miquel López

Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas

Jenaro Ortega Olivares

Universidad de Granada

José Plácido Ruiz Campillo

Columbia University

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