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Les Globe-trotteurs

Les Globe-trotteurs

LES GLOBE-TROTTEURS is a new French program designed for secondary students to align with the evolving teaching environments.

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Les Globe-trotteurs 4: Workbook

ISBN: 9788411570244

CAD 14.95
CAD 49.95
CAD 79.95
CAD 49.95
Les Globe-trotteurs 3 : Workbook

ISBN: 9788411570206

CAD 14.95
Les Globe-trotteurs 2: Workbook

ISBN: 9788411570169

CAD 14.95
CAD 49.95
CAD 79.95
Les Globe-trotteurs 1: Workbook

ISBN: 9788411570121

CAD 14.95

A collection that adapts to your teaching reality

Explore the French-speaking world with LES GLOBE-TROTTEURS!

A modern, inclusive, digital method that offers a smooth progression (from A1 to B1 in 5 levels*). The units are organized around the life of a Francophone teenager, their city, region, or country.

This collection fully leverages the possibilities offered by digital technology, with interactive digital activities and an abundant range of supplementary materials.

* Level 5 coming in 2024.


  1. Comprehensive Units: Each unit includes a double-page opening that introduces project goals, communication, and cultural objectives, featuring a map, chat conversation activities, and videos.

  2. Thematic Lessons: With three double-pages dedicated to each theme, learners find clear learning objectives, diverse activities, flipped classroom sections for in-class or at-home reading, tips for effective French learning, fun learning games, cultural insights, and grammatical and lexical content available in audio.

  3. Creative Projects: Engage learners' creativity and imagination with unit projects.

  4. Grammar and Lexicon: Detailed explanations and activities are provided on double-page spreads for grammar and vocabulary.

  5. Intercultural Insights: Explore the character's city or region with the "Fenêtre sur" double-page, featuring fascinating reports, cultural questionnaires, and a "Journaliste en herbe" section where learners can build their blog.

  6. Interdisciplinary Connections: Link language learning to other subjects with dedicated pages.

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