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Dear West Virginia Educators,

At Klett World Languages, we are delighted to introduce our top-quality language teaching and learning resources. Our comprehensive Spanish, German, French, and Italian programs are aligned with the West Virginia College and Career-Readiness Standards for World Languages (2017).

Here’s why our programs stand out:

– Unmatched Quality: We develop language materials that captivate students’ interest and foster their language proficiency. 

– Approved Vendor in West Virginia: Klett World Languages is an approved vendor in West Virginia. This means that our programs have been recognized and endorsed for their quality and alignment with the state’s educational standards.

– Personalized Support: Whether you have questions about our materials or need assistance with implementation, we are here to offer expert guidance every step of the way.

– Cost-Effective Solutions: Our programs offer exceptional value without compromising quality.

Join us today and experience the difference our language learning programs can make in revolutionizing language education in your West Virginia classroom. 

Dear West Virginia Educators,

At Klett World Languages (KWL) we are passionate about world languages. We are committed to developing the highest quality language materials in Spanish, German, French, and Italian

All our programs are aligned to the West Virginia College- and Career-Readiness Standards for World Languages (2017).

We love our students and teachers across West Virginia and are dedicated to providing exceptional and personalized customer service in everything we do

About KWL

Klett World Languages is a Chicago-based publisher specializing in World Language learning. Our mission is to help students learn languages they can use in real-life situations. And we do it by creating engaging and meaningful content that sparks curiosity and motivates learning.

Funding is now available for WL teachers!

Over the last few years, federal and state funding for K-12  has increased substantially. Review the available funding opportunities for world language programs.

West Virginia K-12 catalog

Our programs are aligned with the West Virginia College- and Career-Readiness Standards for World Languages goals and follow a communicative, task-based approach to learning through projects inspired by real-world scenarios. Our programs offer authentic, engaging content and materials.

Explore our world language programs to learn more about how they meet the specific needs of West Virginia students!

Elementary Programs

Alba y Gael


Cap sur...


Die Deutschprofis


Middle School and High School Programs



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