Cap Sur...

Cap Sur...

Cap Sur... is a three-level program, designed for children ages 7-11, that teaches French in a simple and appealing way. The series revolves around the adventures of a delightful French family accompanied by Gaston the pigeon, their fun and engaging pet.

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  • The entertaining and original concept is perfect for children.
  • It offers a progressive approach, simple and illustrated instructions, and a variety of learning tools (illustrated mind maps, visual grammar guides, and so on).
  • The collection challenges learners to be creative.
  • The collection has an open, global perspective and a broad cultural and intercultural focus. 
  • Offers an overview of different Francophone countries and regions: France, Canada, Guadeloupe, Senegal, Vietnam, New Caledonia and Belgium.
  • The core of this 3-level series revolves around the adventures of a delightful French family who is accompanied by Gaston the pigeon, a playful and engaging mascot. 
  • Its playful side is fully integrated in the student book: authentic videos, songs composed specially for the textbook, games, creative culminating tasks involving crafts, and more... 
  • Colorful artwork and attractive illustrations inspired by children's literature spark children's imaginations as they learn. 
  • The font and format are adapted to meet the needs of all students.
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Users’ testimonies

CAP SUR… and the 5 Cs


Communication is at the core of CAP SUR…’s pedagogical approach. The ultimate goal is for students to acquire communication skills, and CAP SUR… exposes students to real-life experiences that practice the three modes of communication: interpersonal, interpretative, and presentational.


Culture from around the French-speaking world is presented across the units. The family depicted in a continuing story reflects the diversity of Francophone countries and cultures. The father is Parisian and the mother is from Guadeloupe.

In the story, the family takes a trip during which they explore different French-speaking places and discover unique aspects of their cultures. Reflections on interculturality are a feature of each unit. This cross-cultural focus helps students become open-minded learners who make connections with other communities.


Students make connections with other academic disciplines and reinforce what they have learned. Mathematics, art, music, social studies, and science, and other subjects are all part of children’s experience when they learn French with CAP SUR…


The Cousteau family and friends introduce children to the diversity of the French-speaking world. Through these experiences, children develop a deeper understanding of their own culture and language while learning to value different French-speaking cultures and the variety within the French language itself.


CAP SUR… has been created for learners who will be part of multilingual and multicultural communities in a global society. Because of this, CAP SUR… offers activities that connect language learners with the world outside of the classroom.

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