DAVVERO creates a contemporary, effective learning environment in the classroom in which students use Italian for real-world purposes.

A cultural and personal experience

DAVVERO is a student-centered program that offers a methodological approach anchored by actions: micro-tasks throughout the lesson cycle prepare learners for the final projects at the end of each chapter. Students complete task-based activities that are personally relevant and encourage them to take an active role in their own learning. Teaching and learning Italian with DAVVERO is a truly exciting cultural and personal experience.

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Why Davvero?

DAVVERO brings a contemporary view of Italian cultures to the classroom through engaging texts, themes, and topics: students are motivated to act and create in Italian!

DAVVERO promotes intercultural competence, enabling critical thinking from a multidimensional, contemporary, and inclusive perspective that is free of stereotypes.

DAVVERO is the product of authentic student-centered design. Students acquire the vocabulary they need to communicate in the real world, learn grammar actively, and create projects in which they talk about their communities and experiences.

The DAVVERO readings are accompanied by the Audiolettura (four audio versions of the reading) and Testi mappati (texts mapped to mark connectors, frequently combined words, and verbal phrases) features.

In DAVVERO grammar is treated in a progressive and inductive manner.

DAVVERO includes authentic documents and cultural input: blogs, articles, infographics, magazine, videos, etc.

DAVVERO offers a multi-device, responsive and offline / online solution: a Student Edition Textbook version in HTML, an ebook, and lots of components and resources. In the digital edition all the activities of the Student’s book are interactive.

DAVVERO offers an inclusive perspective on learning. Its approach makes it accessible to all and appeals to multiple intelligences (visual, verbal, interpersonal, etc.). In addition, its vision of cultural realities, diverse and free of stereotypes, embraces all the identities and communities of the Italian world—and of the students' world as well.

Our digital environment for DAVVERO

As more and more schools move into the digital world, it is important for us to offer digital content in an interface that is intuitive and straightforward for all types of users and 100% web-based and browser friendly, as well as compatible with all smartphones and tablets via an application that allows instructors and students to work both offline and online at any time and from any location.

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Technology that is affordable, intuitive, mobile, and accessible to all!

Unique new features

Among its many features, we would like to draw your attention to a particular resource that sets DAVVERO apart from other programs.

Mapped texts

These texts have been transformed into “roadmaps” for students with the following three elements highlighted and color-coded:

  • Frequently-used word combinations and phrases
  • Common connectors and discourse markers
  • Structures that contain verbs, nouns, and adjectives with prepositions

By using this feature, students can exercise the recognition, acquisition and production of a linguistic repertoire that goes beyond simple words, allowing them to communicate with greater fluency and accuracy from the very beginning.

Recorded text

Recorded texts

These texts are read aloud by Italian speakers. This feature allows students to listen to the text while they read along, listen after they have read the text themselves, or practice and check their own Italian pronunciation, among many other possibilities.


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